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Buying a Toddler or Twin Bed

In case your 2-year-old (or may bed dexterous 18-month-old) has begun to create as Attempt as well as Houdini make an effort to get away from the confines of the crib of his on a frequent foundation, it is most likely time to allow him to graduate to a big kid bed particularly if he is close to age three or perhaps thirty-five inches high. Got a crib that changes to a toddler bed? Next, you are all set when you create the change. But in case you have to purchase a toddler bed, read on.

Both are secure, and so let these advantages as well as drawbacks to each guide the choice of yours.

Purchasing a Toddler Bed


Bed frames for kids are quite very affordable for toddler gear, ranging around the cost from fifty dollars to $200.In addition, many come with protection rails and admit regular crib mattresses, therefore you do not have to purchase these extras.

The fun designs, as well as styles on toddler bed frames, might up the joy regarding transitioning of the crib to bed. Many toddler beds are actually very low to the ground, and that is news that is good for the little one, who is very likely willing to get in as well as through on his own.


The mass limit of Kind of toddler beds is actually fifty pounds, this means the tot of yours will ultimately outgrow it. Another bummer: You will not be in a position to hop within for a cuddle in the course of the bedtime routine of his.

The mischievous tiny monkey of yours might bounce from bed (not or intentionally) in the midst of the evening since toddler beds are very small to the ground. Lots of toddler beds are clear plastic, therefore they might not be particularly long-lasting.

Purchasing a Twin Bed


You will get far more use out of it compared to a toddler bed because it is able to keep the honey of yours by way of higher schooling (and beyond).Some twin bed frames include kid-friendly designs or maybe headboards which is able to get the sweetie psyched regarding asleep there. It is going to be large enough to host you as well, which is available in handy for snuggling while the kid of yours drifts off of to dreamland.


You will have to purchase a twin size mattress (seventy-five dollars to $1,000), a twin size toddler bed frame (hundred dollars to $300), as well as lightweight protection rails (twenty dollars to hundred dollars each, and you will need one for every side of the bed that is not purged from a wall).Which adds up to significantly more mole than purchasing a toddler bed. In case the lightweight protection rails are not place dsecurely against the mattress, there is an entrapment hazard. Several twin bed frames are too much for a munchkin to mount very easily.


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